Privacy Policy

You are legally allowed to enter the site if you are 18 years or above. If you are not, then please the site immediately. If you still persist on venturing the site Chammak Challo, then we do not take any responsibility for the behavior and the content you come across on the site. It is because the site contains materials that are an adult in nature and only the legal adults are allowed to view the content.

General terms and policies

The first set of rules that you come across is general in nature. Pease read them carefully before using the site.

  • It is a commitment on our part to protect your personal information that you provide is using the internet service
  • We offer a comfortable and safe environment for our clients while they are on our website
  • We sometimes collect information for providing better service but that is not shared with any third party without your information

What is the privacy policy?

Well, the following are a glimpse that explains the privacy policy

  • The kind of information that we will collect from you
  • How will we use the information that we collect from you
  • Will we use the information provided by you without your permission and also share it with a third party
  • What are the choice you have regarding offering your personal information on our site
  • The use of cookies on our website
  • How can you reject or accept the use of cookies

Regarding the aspects of privacy, we can assure that it is our foremost duty to protect any kind of personal information that you share with us through our site. Also, we never disclose any personal information to the third party without your permission. You can also disable the cookies at any point of time while using the site. However, if any government law compels us to divulge the information then that will not come under breaching of protection of private information.

Terms of contact

You may wonder that when you are on our site if we will try to get in touch with you. We will get in touch if you have filled out any request form for contact or filled our enquiry form. Also, if you have booked a service, then we may get in touch with you for the confirmation of the same. Though most of the communication is through emails but you may get a call in case it is necessary. Other than these aspects, we will never get in touch with you.

More information on cookies

Cookies are actually small amount of data that is send to your mobile or computer and is stored in your device’s hard drive. It is a way of tracking the preference of your browser and offers you with results that match the pattern. This is done by many websites to ensure that you get your desired results through their service.

For any more questions you can directly get in touch with us.